The Sky is The Limit at One of Temecula’s Newest Wineries

Sep 3, 2018 | Food, Temecula, Wine

When in Temecula for our last trip we had the pleasure of visiting one of the newest wineries in Temecula – Akash Winery! It’s perfectly situated on a quickly up and coming street in Temecula, surrounded by amazing views and many other prestigious wineries. As we pulled up we were immediately impressed by the little details that make this winery so special (and this was literally before we even entered the front gate)!

Fun Fact About Akash Winery

When closed, the front gate forms a replica of the logo, which is beyond cool!

A BOLD Vision for the Future of Temecula Wine Country

Being a newer winery in the area you will notice some construction during your visit as they get all the details finalized but please don’t let that stop you from making a trip to Akash, because as you’ll soon learn their wine and their plans for the winery are amazing!

During our visit in early June they had their tasting room and indoor winemaking area started, acres of grapes planted and growing, and were leveling out the driveway, parking area, outdoor winemaking area and patio to get those ready for construction. At this point they have so much more completed and are moving right along with their progress.

Akash Winery in Temecula Wine Country

Meet the Creative Entrepreneur Behind Akash Winery

We had the pleasure of meeting with one of the owners, Akash, to learn more about the winery and the plans for the future. The first thing that was immediately recognizable was his passion for the business, and the amazing amount of creativity that he has at such a young age. He took the time to explain all of the amazing things to come at the winery, took us on a tour of the property, and also walked us through a tasting of all of their fantastic wines.

The Sky is the Limit at Akash Winery

Akash truly has thought of every detail!
Akash and his team really put a lot of thought into every little detail of their winery and have really worked hard to set themselves apart from most other wineries in the valley. Below are just a few of the things that make Akash unique.

The Wine Bottles

Who knew that changing something so slightly could make such a huge difference in appearance. At Akash Winery the wine bottles for most wines are a unique shape, size and etching/design printed right on the bottles. Each bottle could be considered a true piece of art!

Wine Tasting for Two Please!

Yes, Akash is one of the few wineries in Temecula where you can sit down and relax during your wine tasting. Not only do they offer seats at their tasting bar but they also offer a wide array of seating areas around the tasting room that you can reserve in advance for your wine tasting group. The tasting room staff will actually come right to your table to pour your next sample from the menu while you focus on total relaxation, enjoying time with friends and family while sipping on some amazingly made wine.

Bigger IS Better

As soon as you start your tasting at Akash you will immediately notice how large the wine glasses are. I don’t know about you, but my friends and I LOVE a nice big glass of wine and the wine glasses at Akash are perfect for pouring an extra large portion. We even loved them so much that we brought 2 home with us!

Unique Wine Bottles at Akash Winery

Modern Industrial Style with STUNNING Views

Akash Winery is the perfect place for your Temecula Wedding or next event!
When the indoor and outdoor tasting spaces are totally complete there literally won’t be a bad seat in the house. The interior of the tasting room has a really great modern/industrial feel that made me feel right at home. In addition to that, the view from the future outdoor areas are going to be breathtaking. Deciding whether to sit inside or outside will eventually be determined purely on the weather when you visit – and you won’t go wrong with either decision!

Wine Tasting at Akash

Whites, Rose, Reds – you name it and they have it, which is quite impressive for a newer winery. For the tasting we started with the white wines and then worked our way through to the reds.

We were very impressed and some of our favorites included the Parlez-Vous Rose, Zinfandel and the Petite Sirah. We can’t wait to see what new varietals and blends they’ll be releasing in the near future!


Even in the early stages it’s clear that this winery has amazing potential! Believe us when we tell you that you want to keep a close eye on this winery as they grow, and be sure to join their wine club (we did) so that you are already a seasoned guest by the time they become one of Temecula’s favorite wineries to visit!
Wine Tasting at Akash Winery

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