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We LOVE Temecula Wine Country

We first vacationed in Temecula Wine Country back in 2010 and truly fell head-over-heals in LOVE with Temecula Valley. The food was amazing, all the people we met were super friendly…

…and THE WINE, OH the wine….DELIZIOSO!

Ever since our first vacation to Temecula, we try to escape to Temecula Wine Country at least once per year. In Temecula we love to soak up the sun, but more importantly stock up on wine to try to hold us over until the next time we’re out…

…the keyword is TRY! Temecula wine seems to disappear pretty quickly in our house;)

Now, before we go any further you might be thinking:

What are we escaping from?

Funny you should ask…

We actually live on the east coast, about 2.5 hours southwest of NYC, in a little town called Reading (pronounced Redding). It’s cold and snowy for half the year, and gloomy/rainy for most of the other half.

So I guess that’s why so many people back east are angry and depressed all the time! Oh yeah, and the wine sucks:(

Our Day Job

During the day run a marketing company called Borelli Designs & Media – where we get to work with a lot of pretty cool people (and some not so nice people) to help them market and grow their business.

Are You a Winery, Restaurant, or Local Business?

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But working on the east coast, it’s easy to get burnt out quick! Everyone is high-strung, requests are always ‘last minute’ and everything is treated as a emergency that “needs to be done yesterday”.

So we LOVE to escape to Temecula, where life seems to move at a normal pace, people are friendly (probably because of the wine), and the sun shines almost every day (we both need our vitamin D). After years of begging I’ve finally convinced Allison we need to pack our stuff, including our 3 cats, and move to Temecula.

A Taste of Temecula

This truly is a passion project for us and through this we’re able to share our passion of all the wonderful tastes of Temecula, from the food, to the wine, adventures, and everything in-between, with all of our friends.

BUT, whenever we tell people back east that “we’re going to wine county” they always think we’re going to Napa (thumbs down). And then we have to explain that we’re actually going to Temecula Wine Country – which is this hidden gem in Southern California that produces the absolute best wine in the country!

So our mission has become educating people about Temecula Valley, and how AMAZING it is. And hopefully through sharing our experiences there, we can inspire others to make the journey (whether near or far) to our absolute favorite travel destination (and soon to be HOME).

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