A Magical Experience Awaits at the Enchanted Briar Rose Winery in Temecula CA

Nov 16, 2018 | Temecula, Wine

Only a short distance from Temecula’s main wine trail sits the cutest winery that you might ever find in Temecula Valley – Briar Rose Winery. As we pulled into the parking lot I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as the winery tasting room was surrounded by tall rows of trees, which immediately made me think of a secret garden or enchanted forest.

Entrance to The Enchanted Garden at Briar Rose

Just beyond these trees lies a unique and enchanted world

Stepping Into an Enchanted Garden

Crossing through the “enchanted garden” and into the winery courtyard it was nothing short of magical! I immediately felt like I was a Princess in one of Walt Disney’s fairy tales and I was beyond excited.

As soon as we entered the property a sense of calm and relaxation rushed over us. Shawn and I were both in awe of how beautiful all of the flowers, plants and trees were. There were birds chirping, butterflies fluttering around and the cutest black and white cat (Patches) just slowly roaming the property.

beautiful rose garden at Briar Rose in Temecula Wine Country

All the details at Briar Rose, including the Snow White inspired-cottages, are truly magical!

As we strolled around some more we couldn’t help but notice statues of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs placed around the property, which helped to solidify the Enchanted Forest and Magical Disney-esk feel.

You truly get lost in the details at Briar Rose, which is why this place is SO magical.


Next time you visit Briar Rose Winery in Temecula, try to locate all seven dwarfs.

Post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtags below to let us know you found them!

#sevendwarfs at #briarrosewinery

Find all seven dwarfs on your next visit to Briar Rose and use the hashtags above!

The History Behind Briar Rose is Truly Fascinating!

In the 1970’s the land was purchased and developed by Beldon Fields who worked for Walt Disney and was one of many artisans who built Disneyland’s Fantasyland and Toon Town.

Fields built Snow White-inspired cottages on the land for his wife. Because of his creative past, no detail was missed during design and construction.

An olive tree was gifted to Fields by veteran viticulturist John Moramarco – and relocated from Callaway Vineyards. Today this olive tree still stands and is one of the oldest and tallest olive trees in the state of California!

In the early 1990’s Les and Dorian Linkogle (current owners) purchased the beautiful estate from Beldon Fields with the promise to not change the architecture of the cottages.

The People at Briar Rose Winery

During our visit we had the opportunity to meet with Dorian, the owner of Briar Rose. She was honestly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and you could just see the joy in her eyes as she told us the amazing history of the property. It was so refreshing to see someone with so much passion for the wine they are making as well as for the history that they are helping to preserve.

On most days that the winery is open you will find her out pouring tastings right alongside the rest of the staff. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to speak with her if she is available during your reservation. She has some incredible stories that she could share.

Briar Rose Winery Owner chats with Allison for A Taste of Temecula
Dorian Linkogle, owner of Briar Rose Winery with Allison for A Taste of Temecula

Briar Rose Winery has a small, tight-knit staff which helps to ensure that all guests are treated like family. The staff even knows many locals and Wine Club Members by name!

Vineyards and Award-Winning Wines

Briar Rose Winery sits on 40 acres and produces roughly 3,500 cases of wine

While Briar Rose sits on a total of 40 acres there are currently 23 acres of actual planted vines. Each year the winery produces between 2,400 to 3,500 cases of wine from the harvested grapes. This might seem like a smaller amount compared to some other wineries in Temecula but regardless they still have a wide variety of varietals and blends to select from.

Some of their award winning wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petit Verdot, Viognier and Merlot. In addition to that they also offer a great Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, a Super Tuscan Blend, and more!


Briar Rose wines are so popular that they’ve made their way to many famous locations, including the White House and the Playboy Mansion!

We absolutely loved our experience at Briar Rose Winery! Who knew that a piece of Disney could be found right in the Temecula Valley?! We came home with 3 bottles of amazing wine and can’t wait to go back again to relax and chill with Patches while we sip on some wine. This winery is a hidden gem that you will absolutely want to make reservations for the next time you are in Temecula.

Briar Rose Award-winning wine in Temecula CA

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